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October 02 2010

cukierki z dzieciństwa :)
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Nie pomijam żadnej możliwości, ale jeśli sugeruje pan, że wciskano mu w usta penisa, to musiałby być owinięty papierem ściernym.
— Ian Rankin, Czarna Księga
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Tak wie... tylko "przypadkiem" przebiła kondoma :p
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Turn a Radish into a 1-UP Mushroom in Seconds [Food Hacks]


Why not amuse and charm your party guests by garnishing a few dishes with these easy-to-make Mario-style 1-UP Mushrooms made of radishes? You might not get any extra lives, but there's some serious geek cred in this food hack.

This project is best explained by the above picture, but if you prefer some written guidance, what you'll do is:

  • Make a shallow cut around the circumference of the...
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awesome xD 
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German words in other languages
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